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October 20

How did Star Jones lose weight?

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Star Jones lose weight

Star Jones has been the cause of a burning question in many peoples’ minds, and the question is this – how did Star Jones lose weight? During the time she was losing the weight and in approximately the year afterward, Star was reticent to talk about how she lost the weight. She was concerned that […]

October 17

Lap Band Surgery. Is it for you?

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Weight Loss can be difficult to attain for many of us particularly through the common methods of dieting and exercise. In some cases this may not be the most appropriate action to take to lose weight safely especially for people with pre-existing medical concerns. So in the interest of providing full information I will cover […]

October 11

Creatine and Anxiety?

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It is becoming more common to hear of people experiencing anxiety, depression, edginess, and temper flare-ups after taking creatine supplements. Is this coincidence or is there a dark side to creatine? Luckily for all you budding bodybuilders and athletes there has been no scientific link between creatine and the anxiety attacks some people are experiencing. […]

October 11

Glutamine and Alcohol

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Many athletes and bodybuilders are concerned about the affect alcohol use will have on the supplements they take. Will there be any serious consequences? What will it do the body? After a night of alcohol consumption, a drinker will not sleep as soundly as normal because the body is rebounding from alcohol’s depressive effect on […]

July 17

Funny Runnning Quotes

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If you do much running in your exercise routine then you should take a break and read some funny and inspiring running quotes to keep you going.

July 15

Who was the hardest hitter in boxing history?

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Boxing is one of my favorite fitness exercises. It requires skill, power, strength, flexibility, smarts and a killer punch if you do it for a living. Someone asked me recently “who was the hardest hitter in boxing history” so I thought I would answer it for you as an interesting sidenote.

June 29

Perfect Body Measurement For Women

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Many people ask what is the perfect body measurement for women? Just because everyone is different does not mean there is no perfect body measurement for women. However to determine an answer some obstacles must be overcome…

June 21

No magic, No quick-fix and NO BULL!

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Welcome to our first post on this site. I would love to get things started on the right foot and so I am telling you now that there is only one healthy way to a great body and it involves two key elements DIET and you guessed it, EXCERCISE.