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Archive for the ‘Skin Care’ Category

January 25

My Review of the Philips Golite Blu (Blue Light Therapy)

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Philips Golite Blu

Since August the weather has been very bad around here, a lot of grey days without sun.  This wasn’t good for my mood and since I didn’t have time for a holiday in the sun, I had to look at some ways to relieve the symptoms. Blue light therapy is the prevalent treatment recommended by […]

September 4

Why Sport is Good for Your Skin

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Working out is the best skin care, here’s why: Sport simulates your blood flow –> your skin gets more oxygen Sweat helps your skin to expel toxins. Movement stimulates your skin to produce more collagen, a protein that prevents wrinkles. Sport relaxes your face muscles –> prevents crow’s feet Some tips: Before working out, remove […]