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June 29

Is Agave Nectar a Health Scam?

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Blue Agave Plant

Agave nectar aka agave syrup came of the shelves of your local health shop to the mainstream supermarkets and grocery stores.  It’s easy to see why, it’s sweet as hell, tastes good and this supposedly without the disadvantages of refined sugar. But is agave really safe to use? Here are the claimed health benefits of […]

June 25

Alcohol and Weight Loss

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Alcohol and weight loss

Contrary to popular belief, it are not the calories in alcohol that produce a beer belly.  The problem with alcohol is that it reduces the amount of fat your body burns to get energy. Here’s how it works: Only a small percentage of your alcohol intake turns into fat. The liver converts a major portion […]

June 23

New Research: Eating Fat Increases Your Hunger

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Fat Foods Increase Desire to Eat

A recent American study shows that eating fat food increases the desire to eat more food.  Fat foods trigger the release of a hormone called ghrelin.  This hormone is produced in the stomach and pancreas and stimulates hunger, increases food intake and fat mass.  You usually have higher levels of ghrelin before meals and lower […]

March 18

How To Lose Weight: 22 Pounds In 24 Hours

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This is exactly what Tim Ferris, author of The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere And Join The New Rich (great book btw), did when he competed in the Sanshou (an eclectic form of kung fu) national championship in 1999. When arriving on the site he weighed 187 lbs and wanted to lose weight so […]

March 6

Are You a Tofi?

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Diet Girl

"Tofi = Thin on the Outside, Fat on the Inside" Tofis are people who appear thin, but have lots of internal fat.  Too much internal fat (aka visceral fat) is hazardous to your health because it is situated around the organs.  Tofis look healthy, but are not… What are the causes? Not enough exercise.  Although […]

November 23

Why Procrastination is the Source of Inevitable Failure!

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I am sure we have all said this at some point about our fitness goals or even our life goals, something along the lines of "I will go on my diet next week" or "I will start exercising after I sort out my work issues". The question I pose to you is: why wait? I […]

November 19

Why Weight Loss Pills, Supplements and Diets Won’t Help You

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Weight Loss Pills

I have touched on this subject before but I have seen it appear in recent times and I really want my readers to understand that products like weight loss pills won’t work for you and I will tell you why. It makes me really upset when I see personal trainers, health experts and the like […]