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Archive for October, 2008

October 26

You are only as strong as your weakest links.

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It seems that most articles written today are trying to improve your bench press. It makes sense though, what other exercise is more of a measure of your gym success (excuse the sarcasm)? However, if you want real success in the gym, whether it be increasing strength, losing bodyfat, or gaining muscle, you will also […]

October 20

How did Star Jones lose weight?

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Star Jones lose weight

Star Jones has been the cause of a burning question in many peoples’ minds, and the question is this – how did Star Jones lose weight? During the time she was losing the weight and in approximately the year afterward, Star was reticent to talk about how she lost the weight. She was concerned that […]

October 17

Lap Band Surgery. Is it for you?

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Weight Loss can be difficult to attain for many of us particularly through the common methods of dieting and exercise. In some cases this may not be the most appropriate action to take to lose weight safely especially for people with pre-existing medical concerns. So in the interest of providing full information I will cover […]

October 15

Why your diets have never worked before!

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Have you ever tried a diet? Has is not worked, been too hard or worked for a short period of time only for you to put the weight back on? There is fundamental reason why 99% of attempted diets never work and I am going to tell you what this reason is and the real […]

October 15

Who Said Fats Were Bad?

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For about 50 years now, Americans have been eating low fat (some no fat) diets and the funny thing is we have gotten progressively fatter and less healthy. Who ever said low fat diets were healthy, and more importantly, why does eating less fat mean you’ll be less fat? In attempt to keep this easy […]

October 13

Supplements for building muscle – A beginners Guide

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For those of you looking to build muscle supplements can seem like the holy grail, the easy way to achieve your goals. Whilst I am a firm believer in the benefits of supplements, which ones should you take and how much? Currently debate still rages in the bodybuilding, scientific and sporting communities about everything and […]

October 12

Sit Ups While Pregnant?

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Sit-ups are generally not recommended during pregnancy. This is because the movements involved may traumatize the uterus or abdomen. Sit-ups are of particular concern after about the 4th month of pregnancy. Any time you are on your back after this point, you run the risk of the uterus compressing the vena cava (a major blood […]

October 11

Creatine and Anxiety?

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It is becoming more common to hear of people experiencing anxiety, depression, edginess, and temper flare-ups after taking creatine supplements. Is this coincidence or is there a dark side to creatine? Luckily for all you budding bodybuilders and athletes there has been no scientific link between creatine and the anxiety attacks some people are experiencing. […]

October 11

Glutamine and Alcohol

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Many athletes and bodybuilders are concerned about the affect alcohol use will have on the supplements they take. Will there be any serious consequences? What will it do the body? After a night of alcohol consumption, a drinker will not sleep as soundly as normal because the body is rebounding from alcohol’s depressive effect on […]

October 11

My Favorite Get Back In Shape Exercises

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Well as we all know in life we have obstacles and difficulties that can stop us from doing the things we should. This year I was lucky enough to welcome my first child into the world. Because of this we decided to move cross country to be closer to the family. These large changes meant […]